Using our expert plastering techniques, we can transform ordinary rooms into timeless places of elegance and sophistication.

Beautiful Italian & Venetian marble plaster finish gives any room the wow factor, and add value to your home.

Any curve is manageable for us, and there is no wall too big or patch too small. Most uneven walls can be leveled by our expert staff, and we will pay close attention to your specific requests and needs.

We can provide insulated boarding for the colder nights, and are experienced in installing aqua boarding for wet-rooms.

Solid plastering – Solid Plastering is the application of wet finishes to internal walls, floors and ceilings. It also includes applying protective covering to external walls such as pebble dashing. We can handle all aspects of plasterwork, including walls, fittings and even ornamental decorative displays, whatever your requirement. Any size and shape surface can be plastered, and all jobs are carried out to your exact specification.

Venetian plastering – There are a number of different methods we can use in the creation of Venetian plaster, all depending upon your exact requirements. Adding a Venetian plaster surface to a room adds a touch of class that is both unique and timeless in its appeal, and all of our plasterers are fully trained in the art form.

Dry lining – A faster and easier alternative to solid plastering, dry lining involves plasterboard that is applied to the wall and then smoothed to finish. A cheaper substitute to plastering, also tends to dry faster than more traditional techniques allowing you to carry on with the decorating far quicker than you would otherwise be able to.