Dry Lining Plastering

Dry Lining is a modern technique used to create a finish for internal walls. This method combines the use of plasterboard and a skim of plaster to create a smooth, uniform finish. Dry Lining is particularly common in new-builds and extensions to cover block-work walls. Typically methods of Dry Lining involve the use of a metal or woodwork frame which is fixed to the walls, plasterboard is then fixed to the frame, and finally a skim of plaster is applied. In some cases additional insulation or sound-proofing material can be fitted between the block-work walls and the plasterboard. As current building regulations have strict sound-proofing and energy efficiency requirements for new-builds and extensions, this method is most common in this type of build but it is equally effective in older buildings.

Dry Lining has advantages over Solid Plastering in terms of the speed of the process. The basic structure required for the plasterboard is simple to construct in a short space of time, the plasterboard can be fitted immediately and the final of skim of plaster dries quickly – allowing for decoration in a shorter space of time. Dry Lining is the most cost effective type of plastering available, our team are fully trained in the method and can complete a scheme quickly and efficiently while ensuring that your property complies with all the relevant building regulations.

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