Solid Plastering

The human race has used plaster as both a decorative and insulation technique for just about as long as we’ve had walls. From tombs in ancient Egypt to grand Roman Villas, right through to our humble modern homes! Materials have varied over the years, including horse-hair, cow dung and lime compounds. Thankfully the modern version is made from less off-putting materials, usually gypsum which is a naturally occurring mineral. Possibly one of the oldest building techniques, plastering is tried, tested and as popular as ever.

There are a number of different types of plastering that you can choose for your home. Traditional ‘Solid Plastering’ is the method that most people are familiar with. This technique involves applying a wet mix of plaster to the walls which gradually hardens on contact with the air. Plastering undertaken by a professional looks almost easy! However the material is difficult to work with and needs an experienced plasterer to get the best effect.

All of our plasterers are fully trained, seasoned professionals who are familiar with the best plastering methods. We can provide a full internal plastering service – for walls and ceilings. Our specially trained staff can level the most difficult walls, smoothly work corners or curves to a perfect finish and are also fully trained in creating decorative effects and mouldings. Once dried a finished plaster wall can be decorated in any way that you choose. Solid plastering has a longer drying time than some techniques but our staff will be happy to advise you on how and when to complete the decoration of your newly plastered walls.

Solid plastering also includes external rendering work – the materials are slightly different but the techniques are basically the same. Again, all of our staff are trained in external plastering and rendering techniques and will create a perfect, durable and weather-proof finish for your home.

For more information on Solid Plastering you can contact our team by completing the contact form provided or by phone on 07969818510 for advice, information or a free quote.